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Penny Bickle

Principal Investigator

The main focus of Penny's research is Neolithic Europe. Working at the intersection of science and theoretical archaeology, she applys bioarchaeological methods to various sites and time periods to inform on issues of identity and social diversity. She is particularly interested in how we can use burial practices to uncover the social lives and lifeways of the earliest farmers in Europe. Read more.'s picture

Alistair Pike


Alistair researches several areas of archaeological science. These include the development of dating methods for bone beyond the range of radiocarbon, novel applications of dating methods, and the use of isotopes in the reconstruction of human lifeways. My interest in applications of strontium isotope analysis to human migration and animal herding studies, has resulted in a large scale isotopic... Read more.'s picture

Oliver Craig


Oliver Craig specialises in biomolecular archaeology, i.e. the recovery of proteins, lipids and DNA from ancient skeletal remains and archaeological artefacts to provide insights into past human activities. His particular interests lie in temporal transitions and variability in human diets, cuisine and subsistence practices and the impact that dietary changes had on social evolution, health and... Read more.'s picture

Anita Radini

Senior Researcher

Anita is an archaeological scientist, with specialism in the study of plant microfossils. She has recently developed new techniques for the study of dental calculus. Her PhD was on diet and living conditions as shown by human dental calculus, focusing on medieval leicester as a case study. The study targeted diet and urban environment and their changes from the early to post-medieval periods in... Read more.'s picture

Rose-Marie Arbogast


Rose-Marie is an Archaeozoologist, specialising in early farming societies in Europe. She is interested in the origins of domestication and early herding methods, as well as the social and cultural aspects of human-animal relations in the Neolithic.'s picture

Anthony Denaire


Anthony is a specialist in the Neolithic of Europe, with a particular interest in chronology and radiocarbon dating. He has published extensively on the Early and Middle Neolithic of central Europe.'s picture

Philippe Lefranc


Philippe is a Neolithic specialist, focusing on Alsace. He is employed by INRAP and a member of the Preistoire de l’Europe moyenne group at the University of Strasbourg. He has published over 70 papers from his excavations and studies on the Neolithic.'s picture

Elena Fiorin

Postdoctoral Research

Elena is an osteoarchaeologist interested in the reconstruction of human profiles through the analysis of skeletal remains. Her research focus on palaeopathology, palaeodemography, dental anthropology, and dental calculus analysis. She obtained a master in Archaeology at the University of Padua (Italy) and a PhD in Biological Anthropology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). During... Read more.